How does the same marble has a big difference in price from one manufacturer to another?

Marbles are not standard products to have the same price. Each marble has a different quality and a different price.

How should we clean the marble?

- Polished marbles are greatly influenced by the various detergents we usually use. Only neutral pH 7 cleaners are suitable for cleaning marble surfaces. Specifically, the green soap is the best for marble cleaning.

I have a fireplace lined with marble. Can I protect it from potential stains or smokiness?

- Of course. There are waterproofing materials exactly suitable for cleaning. They protect the marbles from possible damage.

The marble floor in some places has been engraved. Can they clean it and if so how exactly?

- Unfortunately, it can not leave the mark of any marble. The marbles must be sanded and polished from the start.

On the marble floor there is some color stain. How can i clean it out?

- There are many products available on the market stores that can remove the stain from the marble. You should have to talk to someone responsible for more details.

The marble stairs that have lost their shine, can revert to their former form?

- Of course. You should contact with an expert for this work.

The marbles of my home is very absorbent. Can I do something about this ?

If they are easily absorbent, then these marbles are Dolomitian and therefore vulnerable. There are many liquids in the market stores that are used to protect the marble. Talk to an expert to suggest you some waterproofing.

I have invested the facecade of my store with marble lining. Can i protect it from spray graffiti?

- Special products for the protection and cleaning of graffiti colors are available on the market stores.

Can I use a kind of marble for a kitchen counter?

They do not suitable all the marbles for a kitchen counter but also these which are suitable,they need special attention to their use because the marbles are sensitive to the absorption of stains and the engraving from objects such as knives ...

Stains of sauce, lemon, dog urine or anything else can be removed from the marble?

- It is very easily to be done. On the market stores there are cleaning agents that leave on marble stain's about 24 hours with a cotton. Once time has passed and remove the cotton the stains have disappeared. Perhaps you need a local polish.