Dionysos Marble

Perhaps the most historic marble in the world. The Acropolis was built with these marbles, as well as many other famous historical monuments.Perhaps the most historic marble in the world.

Due to the excellent quality of marble it is used in all building activities.

The marbles are in the form of plaque and each plaque differs according to the way it was processed and cut according to the choise customers’s. This particular marble is susceptible to all treatments that can get a marble such as matte, combed, sandblasting, beaten, brushing e.t.c.

The famous white marble Penteli began to be excavated in antiquity on the southwest side of the mountain, now called Valley of the Cave. From the Pentelic marbles, the Parthenon, the Erechtheion, the Propylaea of the Acropolis, Thiseio, the Temple of Olympian Zeus and many other temples and monuments of Athens and other ancient cities of Greece have been built.

Today in the area of ancient quarries and in a 700 meters altitude, one of the ancient mines is maintained in a relatively good condition.

The first mining in Penteli began in 1836, on Otto's reign, and continued until 1976 in various locations on the southern side of the Pentelian mountain.

During the recent years, the Walledian Library, the Academy of Athens and many other important buildings were constructed with the Pentelic marble.

Since 1976 the mining of Pentelic marble continues only on the north side of Penteli, in the area of Dionysos - the quarry of Dionysos, the uninhabited side of the Athens basin.

Pentelic marbles contain schism, a property that facilitates the extraction of boulders and is particularly perceived during the mechanical treatment of the rock. They have thin sub-saccharide tissue and high consistency, normal fracture resistance and easily polish.

It is white in color, of great purity, without barking and scattered veins.

When the Pentelic marbles are exposed to the atmospheric agents, a golden superficial coating is created, which makes the statues made of this marble very impressive. Pendulum marble is particularly used in decorative and architectural design and is also suitable for outdoor use when it does not have the proper fabric and coloring can be used in sculpture.

Two special types of Pentelic marble known since antiquity are Pentelique Statuaire and marmo greco fino or marmor pentelicum, as the Romans called it.

The Pentelique Statuaire type differs from the white marble in terms of the whiteness that is impossible to describe. Only one expert is able to see the difference.

This type of Pentelic marble was used in architecture, but especially in sculpture. In particular, it is reported that during the classical period, the sculptors used Pentelic marble for the construction of the naked parts of the statues.

The Pentelique Statuaire is a marble of exceptional quality and unique in its kind. The only marbles with which it could be compared are those of Carrara and Versillia, but without a specific way of distinguishing between them.

The Greco Fino formula had most applications in the Romanesque architecture and Greek sculpture. It is a white and fine-grained marble (difference from the granular marble of Paros). With this marble, a Mercury, with the head of the young August, is located at the CHIAROMONTI museum in Vatican City, Rome.

Marble Dionysos - Prices and Specifications

Category: White Marble

Type: White Marmaros Dionysos (extra)

Price: €49,60 / Per Piece (this is extra Dionysos - you can find cheaper Dionysos. Ask us !!!)

Availability:Available - Includes VAT

Length: 40cm - Width: 40cm

Thickness:2cm - Kilo: about 8.80

Quantity:1 pc = 0,16 squares metres

Origin:Greece - Status: Not polished

Applications:The marble of Dionysus can be applied in fireplaces, bathrooms (especially with green water and the open book technique will make an impressive result), stairs floors, swimming pools, aprons, soybetes, works of art coke. In the Greek market you can find it in 2 or 3 cm cubicles but also in solid dimensions for fireplaces and other special constructions. Dionysos marbles are acceptable to all processing that can get a marble such as combed, antique, brushing, burned, sandblasting and so on.

Remarks: The marble of Dionysos can be found either with gray / black spots or green. Its price differs depending on the marble spots. The general rule is: The more white (with less spots) the more expensive the marble of Dionysus. Generally in the Greek market, a Dionysus marble in a thickness starts from 90 euros and can reach 250 and 350 euro per square depending on its whiteness. For any price less than 90 euros in a Dionysus apartment,you should make second thoughts.

What to look out for:You never have to buy Dionysos marbles from a sample. The seller should always show you the volume in his store before you buy it. The reason is that the samples are NOT representative. Great attention should also be paid to the material installer. It is a shame for such material to fall into the hands of ignorant people simply because they are very cheap in placement.

3 reasons to choose the Marble Dionysos:

  • He is the King of the Marbles. In fact, it is the best marble in the world.
  • It is white marble which means practically that it is timeless beyond fashion and brilliant.
  • For orders over 25 square meters you will not be charged for transpote changes in all over Greece. We deliver to the agency you will give us. Easy and fast.

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