Marbles Veroia

It is mined in the corresponding prefecture of Veria in Greece. Veroia was the daughter of Ocean and Thetis. The city is said to have been built by Macedonian general Ferrona, who gave it his name (the letter F at that time in the area is pronounced as B). In the version of Macedonian mythology the city was built by King Veritas, who gave her the name of one of his daughters. Its name remains the same from its construction until today.

It is a marble of limestone and is semi-white with sparse black olives on its surface. It is a very hard material, known worldwide, both for its durability and for the outstanding aesthetic effect of its application on large surfaces.

It is also suitable for use in particular decorative designs. A lively indication of the intricate form and charm that hide nature's shapes in nature's materials. It has wide use in luxurious resorts and interiors.

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